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We’re your virtual co-worker from hell

We're keeping the stapler

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You can do so much in Job Simulator, one of the games being bundled with the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, and most of your actions make you look like a jerk. A robotic, future jerk.

But still, why just pick up a donut when you can throw it at someone? Why not explore the environment until you find the virtual Flappy Bird clone before annoying everyone else around you by throwing paper airplanes?

There is actually a dystopian reason why you're "simulating" the worst part of human jobs while surrounded by machines, and the game's official description explains what's going on:

The year is 2050.

Robots cook, clean, service, and rule organize the world with precision and speed. Human occupations are now memories of the past; long gone are the blue collar jobs that ran the old world. Humans raised in our perfect automated society must not forget their useless ancient ancestors and history.

This is why JobBot was born. JobBot created Job Simulator to teach humans what it is 'to job'. All praise to JobBot, for he is the keeper of human history.

The short demo here should give you an idea of all the ways in which the game's physics work, and it's fun to just cut loose and see all the interesting tidbits developer Owlchemy Labs hid in the game. Everything does something, and it's rather neat to pick up the virtual phone and hold it to your ear and listen to the conversation with positional audio, or to take your time lining up the perfect coffee cup throw to slam into your coworker-bots.

Be adventurous in virtual reality, it pays off!

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