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'Consciousness simulator' Everything lets PS4 players become anything at all

David OReilly's next art-project-turned-game

Artist David OReilly, creator of artsy indie Mountain and the video game featured in 2014 Oscar nominee Her, announced his next game project on the PlayStation Blog: Everything, a game which lets players become ... well, everything.

The short trailer above grants a look at the game, which is published by Double Fine Productions; it will launch on PlayStation 4 sometime this year. Yet it's OReilly's description of the ambitious idea that's most intriguing.

"The game lets you see the entire universe from the point of view of the thousands of things in it," he wrote. "In other words, there is no distinction between you and the world, or between a level and a character."

Playable entities run the gamut from equine to celestial and everything in between, OReilly said. Players can even inhabit a paper clip.

The artist compared the game to his previous release, Mountain. That game, in which players controlled a mountain, on iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2014. Double Fine served as publisher on that game too, releasing it through the Double Fine Presents label for small indie games.

Outside of gaming, OReilly is known for his distinctive 3D animated shorts, like 2010's "The External World." He also wrote and directed an episode of Cartoon Network's hit Adventure Time, "A Glitch is a Glitch," which featured his trademark style.

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