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Learn all about Aurelion Sol, League of Legend's new dragon champion

A hero with the power of orbiting stars and some strong movement potential

Last week, we learned that new League of Legends champ by the name of Aurelion Sol is on the way. Now we have a lot more details on how exactly this character will play.

Over on a new champion reveal page, Riot has put up key art, strategies and ability descriptions for Aurelion Sol.

Perhaps his most distinguishing factor, Aurelion Sol has a passive called Center of the Universe. At all times, he will have three stars orbiting around him. When those stars smash into enemy champions or minions, they'll take damage. This makes playing as or against Aurelion Sol into a tricky game of picking the right moments to move in and out of range. His W ability, Celestial Expansion, expands that ring of stars, allowing him to hit enemies from farther away and for more damage, although at the cost of mana.

Aurelion Sol also has the potential to stun enemies with his Q, Starsurge, and knock them back with his ultimate ability, Voice of Light. The dragon champion will benefit from some unique movement boosts as well, passively increasing movement speed as he travels in the same direction but losing it when he turns. His E ability, Comet of Legend, will fly the dragon across the map in a straight line, allowing him to get to where he's needed far faster than the average hero.

league of legends Aurelion Sol screen

Aurelion Sol has some unique and powerful-sounding abilities, but Riot is also quick to note that he's a relatively weak champion in terms of health and survivability. If assassins characters like Akali get up close, they'll be able to chew through the dragon's hit points quickly.

Riot says more information on Aurelion Sol is coming in the next few weeks, though the company has not yet said when he will be officially playable in League of Legends.

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