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Jabba the Hutt's coming to Star Wars Battlefront — free

Bargon wanchi kox paa ... Ho ho hoooooooo ...

Tucked into this 30-second trailer touting Star Wars Battlefront's updates is something — er, someone — we didn't see in yesterday's rollout of new content: Jabba the Hutt.

A feature called "Hutt Contracts" will be added to Star Wars Battlefront, and it's for everyone, not just those who have bought the season pass delivering the Outer Rim DLC later this month. The title of this video is, after all "Free Game Updates."

It sounds like the crimelord will be offering new weapons — one of which Eurogamer notes is the DL-19 seen in Return of the Jedi — for finishing certain jobs or achievements. If it's as overpowered as Han Solo's DL-44 was at the launch of this game we're all doomed.

The rest of the video advertises things already available, such as the new maps and survival missions, which are single-player or local cooperative mutltiplayer game types. They've been added to the game over the three monthly updates since January.

Outer Rim, which will feature missions set in and around Jabba's palace on Tatooine, is coming sometime later

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