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'Making of Uncharted 4' tracks Nathan Drake's evolution from the series' start

Five-episode series debuts ahead of launch

Sony uploaded the premiere episode of an Uncharted 4: A Thief's End making-of series to its YouTube channel today. In the first installment of "The Making of Uncharted 4," above, staff of developer Naughty Dog and members of the voice cast reflect on how the series has changed since its first release.

Footage from earlier games like Uncharted: Nathan Drake's Fortune on PlayStation 3 is contrasted with clips from the upcoming PlayStation 4 release, while those close to the franchise comment on the narrative and graphical changes over the years. The development team also takes time to discuss the influence of The Last of Us on the new Uncharted game.

Future episodes in the video series will shed more light on Nathan Drake as well as the technical side of Uncharted 4's development. In a post on the PlayStation Blog about the making-of documentaries, Naughty Dog's director of communications Arne Meyer hints that later videos will get emotional.

The videos will be available on the PlayStation YouTube channel in the weeks leading up to Uncharted 4's release. The PS4 game launches May 10 following several delays, including one just last week that pushed the game from its April release date.

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