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How to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens right now

Avoid April Fools with one of the best movies of the year

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The wait is over. You can purchase a digital version Star Wars: The Force Awakens in high definition right now. The standard definition version will be coming alongside the physical release on April 5.

The high-definition version of the film will run you $17.99 on Amazon, and includes "a deleted scene 'Tunnel Standoff' available exclusively on digital." This is the content you get with the digital copy of the film that's available today:

star wars special 2

"Secrets of the Force Awakens" is a detailed look at the creation of the films, while "A Force for Change" details some of the charitable work done by the film's production.

The iTunes version of the film costs $19.99 but again, only the high definition version of the file is available today.

The Blu-ray release is coming on April 5, and will include a variety of special features and packaging depending on the retailer, but if you positively want to watch the film today? Those are your two best bets. The official page has the full list of where you can buy the film and what you'll get, however.

You can also read our review, take a look at how they made the special effects, read our coverage of the amazing, working BB-8 toy, and find some more Star Wars in-universe stories to read if this isn't enough for you.

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