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NightCry looks and feels old, but fans might not care

You should try running from a monster in heels

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NightCry is the latest puzzle-horror game from Hifumi Kono, and it's best-known as the spiritual successor to Kono's Clock Tower series.

What struck me immediately about NightCry is that it really does feel like an early point-and-click game. Kono even talked about the game's simple interface in an interview with Polygon last year.

The fixed camera angles will definitely have you mis-clicking as you try to turn corners or enter rooms. The characters clumsily follow your cursor, their feet sliding across the carpeted floor like they're on ice. I hesitate to really criticize it because it's doing what it set out to do: emulate the experience of playing an old point-and-click horror game.

On the other hand, the antiquated look and feel won't win the Clock Tower series any new fans.

In this video, I take Phil Kollar on a beautiful journey through the basement of the cruise ship where I was stuck for too many hours. Our heroine Monica (who conveniently divested herself of her jacket in the opening minute of the game) went to the basement to look for errant love interest Harry. We all make mistakes.

Now she and the rest of the ship are being stalked by the spectral Scissor Walker. It's a game of hide and seek, with Monica struggling to run in heels and hold her breath as she hides from the monster.

NightCry is available on Steam for Windows PC. It will also be released for the PlayStation Vita and mobile phones.