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Mystery Science Theater 3000 creators reuniting for RiffTrax live show

See Mike and Joel in the same room this June

For the first time, the full cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is reuniting later this year. On June 28, creator and original host Joel Hodgson will join his successor Mike Nelson, along with other major cast members like Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, for a special on-stage appearance hosted by RiffTrax. the company announced in a press release.

RiffTrax, which stars Nelson, Corbett and Murphy, is hosting the live show in honor of its 10th anniversary. Hodgson's participation marks his first appearance on the program, which its hosts formed years after MST3K's cancelation. Nelson and Hodgson, who left the show due to creative differences with its producer, have rarely worked together since the creator's departure from the show. June's live special will be one of the rare times the pair — whom fans have fought over and pledged loyalty to throughout the years — have reunited.

Like a typical RiffTrax Live event, the cast will gather to crack wise about a selection of terrible films — much like it did on MST3K. Nelson and his crew funded the previously announced reunion special through Kickstarter; it will screen in theaters nationwide. Tickets go on sale April 15.

Hodgson launched his own Kickstarter project last year: a MST3K revival seriesIn December, the project met its funding goal to produce 12 new episodes of the show are now in the works, to be hosted by comic Jonah Ray. Ray will also participate in the RiffTrax event, despite the core RiffTrax crew's lack of involvement with the revamped show.

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