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Iron Fist nabs another Game of Thrones actor for leading role

The Defenders are shaping up!

Marvel and Netflix have tapped another Game of Thrones actor for a leading role in Iron Fistaccording to Entertainment Weekly.

Jessica Henwick, best known for her role as one of the Sand Snakes in HBO's flagship series, will join the series as Colleen Wing. In the comics, Wing is Danny Rand — aka Iron Fist's — right-hand woman and an expert in martial arts. In the show, she'll play an instrumental role in helping Rand acclimatize to living in New York City.

Henwick joins Finn Jones, who played Ser Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones, and will star as Rand in Iron Fist. There's currently no word on who else will be joining the series in supporting roles. Iron Fist is the fourth of five TV series that Marvel and Netflix are set to release as part of their deal. The show follows Rand, a martial arts expert, who learns to channel all his chakra into his fist, giving him the ability to take on criminals in the Big Apple.

Two other Marvel series, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, are both available to stream on Netflix right now, with the third show, Luke Cage, hitting the service in September.

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