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Watch Conan O'Brien try out StarCraft, 'Korean Counter-Strike' in South Korea (correction)

The redhead gets comfy and confused in an internet cafe

Conan O'Brien may be a self-professed "clueless gamer," but even the talk show host knows that internet cafes are not to be missed in South Korea. When he took his late-night show to Seoul, he made sure to visit a local 24-hour PC bang, where one of the cafe's regulars gave him a tour of the South Korean gaming scene.

In the video above, which aired during a special travelogue episode of Conan over the weekend, watch as the redheaded comic asks a lot of questions about playing StarCraft, how to make enemies in Sudden Attack and, most importantly, the snacks that players eat during their marathon game sessions.

As per usual, O'Brien comes away a little bit wiser about some of South Korea's biggest games — but not too much wiser.

Correction: O'Brien is playing the original StarCraft and Sudden Attack, referred to as "a Korean Counter-Strike," in the video. The text and headline have been corrected to reflect this.

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