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John Carmack's BAFTA speech: 'We're not in some fallen state from a better time'

One of the most influential people in gaming delivers an uplifting message during speech

John Carmack was instrumental in the creation of the epoch-making first-person shooter titles Wolfenstein 3DDoom and Quake. But, as he's the first to tell you, there is still much work to be done.

Carmack was recently honored with the BAFTA Fellowship for his "outstanding and exceptional contribution [to] games," and his acceptance speech was just as inspiring as his career.

The speech begins in the video above around four minutes and 27 seconds in, or you can read a transcript in the tweet below.

Carmack's work in 3D graphics and game engines revolutionized gaming and, if that wasn't enough, he later connected with a very young Palmer Luckey to work on the software for what would eventually become the Oculus Rift.

Carmack is now the CTO of Oculus, and his work on the company's mobile SDK, the software that makes the Gear VR such an impressive, portable virtual reality technology, landed him on our list of the 50 most admirable people of 2014.

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