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Destiny April update trailer recaps the new gear, missions and more

It's a pretty big update

Destiny developer Bungie is looking to bring back lapsed players with its April update to the game, and the studio released a trailer for the patch today to show off all the new content in advance of its impending release.

In the video, which runs for four and a half minutes, members of the Bungie team discuss the April update's improvements and additions to Destiny. These items include a Light increase to 335 from 320; Challenge of the Elders, a high-level Prison of Elders activity that Bungie says will differ every week; armor and weapons that glow with a customization system known as Chroma; and a new strike called Blighted Chalice. In addition, Bungie community manager Chris "Cozmo" Shannon noted today that all vendor weapons (not armor) will be re-rolled with new perks when the update goes live.

Bungie is also retooling the Winter's Run strike with Taken enemies and a new boss; bringing forward another batch of Year One legendary and exotic weapons, including LDR 5001, Shadow Price, Universal Remote and Lord of Wolves; introducing three new legendary armor sets and a few new emotes; and simplifying the way that the Infusion system works. And of course, because of the contract between Sony and Destiny publisher Activision, the April update will feature some PlayStation-exclusive gear.

Destiny's April update will arrive "sometime between 10AM and Noon Pacific [Time]" tomorrow, April 12, according to Bungie. It requires ownership of Destiny: The Taken King.

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