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Vita-only Severed gets a launch date: April 26

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From the makers of Guacamelee!

PlayStation Vita owners, DrinkBox Studios has something just for you and only you: Severed, the slashing combat role-playing game that makes very heavy use of the Vita's touchscreen, launches on April 26.

DrinkBox trundled out the above launch trailer reintroducing viewers to the game, which has been in development since DrinkBox finished up its first hit, Guacamelee! in 2013. In the game, players control a warrior, Sasha, who has lost her arm, as she heads off on an adventure of revenge and discovery.

Sasha carries a "living sword," which players slash across enemies by swiping a finger over the screen. Severed's touch controls will also be used to solve puzzles and find secrets hidden in the world.

Severed was born out of an internal pitch session a little more than two years ago as the studio was trying to get away from the platformers it had been making to that point. For more on the game's genesis, see this profile from PAX East 2014.