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MadTV being rebooted by the CW, heading to primetime

It's back...kind of

MadTV, Fox's award-winning late night sketch series that rivaled NBC's Saturday Night Live, is getting revived, according to Deadline.

The CW, best known for its roster of teen dramas and superhero series like The Flash and Arrow, has ordered 8 hour-long episodes that will air during primetime instead of late night on Saturdays. Although the series will have an entirely new cast, members of the original will return each week to take on hosting duties.

Original showrunner David E. Salzman told Deadline that interest in the show has never been higher thanks to social media. When the CW aired a 20th anniversary special of the show back in January, which reunited members of the original cast, the episode drew in 1.7 million live viewers.

It's not the first time that the CW is rebooting a comedy staple, either. The network successfully brought back Whose Line Is It Anyway? and despite its current plate of dramas and genre shows, may be taking a gander into more comedic territory. The network has done comedy in the past, and currently plays host to the critically beloved, award winning dramedy, Jane the Virgin.

There hasn't been any word from the CW about which comedians will be included in the rebooted series, but MadTV does have a history of turning out some of the best in the business, much like SNL. Keegan-Michael Key, Anjelah Johnson, Bobby Lee and Ike Barinholtz are just a few examples of the show's biggest alumni.

There's no word on when MadTV will be premiering.

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