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Dark Souls 3: Undead Settlement walkthrough


Your journey through Lothric doesn't end here. Be sure to check out the rest of Polygon's Dark Souls 3 guide , which offers everything from tips for beginners and returning masochists to detailed walkthroughs of every area — including all of the secret, bonus content.

This village is anything but settling. Many of its inhabitants are blade-wielding undead reminiscent of the dwellers of Bloodborne. Thorough exploration will not only reveal useful items, but also a fan favorite character from the original Dark Souls. Enemy highlights include a few portly spellcasters and many surprise attacks from above.


Click the map to make it larger, and be sure to check out all of our Dark Souls 3 maps.



Descend down the staircase from the bonfire, turn left and look for a corpse to pillage for a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Head back toward the bonfire and take the staircase down, noting the large gate in the distance from which Starved Hounds emerge. Pass through the gate and veer right to the first bonfire within the settlement.


Head away from the gate and the bonfire, hugging the left wall, and keeping your guard up. Just beyond the overturned cart are two Starved Hounds feasting on a corpse. Kill them and collect two Alluring Skulls from that corpse. Continue through the archway, where you'll see dozens of motionless pilgrims praying.

Head toward the right wall, and you'll see and hear one pilgrim moving. Speak to him. This is Yoel of Londor. Accept his offer of service, and he'll disappear sell you magic at Firelink Shrine.

Head to the opposite side of the bridge, where you'll find a corpse. Loot it for two Homeward Bones.

Undead Settlement bonfire

Head into the nearby house, dealing with a couple of Peasant Hollows as you enter. They aren't especially difficult due to their slowness. You just have to not get careless and let their numbers overwhelm you. This house also has a few Hollow Slaves who enjoy attacking from the dark. They tend to sneak up on your from behind or above. Due to their fast movements, they're best dealt with directly with melee attacks. This applies to their many other appearances in the game.

Walk over to the outside balcony of the building and cut down the hanging body outside the balcony. Collect the item from the fallen corpse, which are the Bones of Loretta. On a ledge near Loretta's body is some Repair Powder and there's a corpse inside that has a Small Leather Shield for you, provided you cut down the corpse. There's also a Charcoal Pine Bundle inside the building.

When you exit the building, there'll be a large congregation of Peasant Hollows and an Evangelist gathered around a large bonfire. You can take each of them out systematically by approaching the group slowly. The Evangelists are best dealt with by dashing toward them, dealing a couple blows, and retreating before their melee attacks hit you. Repeat the process until they die. After you've cleaned up the area, Pick up the Estus Shard and the Ember nearby.

From here, the path splits. You can either go straight and into the buildings beyond or cross the wood bridge to the right.


After dealing with a few more Peasant Hallows, enter the building using the door on the left. Here you'll find the first active Cage Spiders. They're easy to spot (and kill) if you use your lock-on. It's especially helpful since not all the spiders are alive. Grab the Charcoal Pine Resin in the first room, then drop through the hole in the floor. There you'll find some Estus Soup and a Warrior of Sunlight Insignia, a Covenant item that allows you to join the Covenant of jolly cooperation. You'll be dealing with a few more Hollow Slaves and Cage Spiders as you make your way out of the building.

A red-eyed undead will also be waiting for you. You'll need to keep up with its high speed while being efficient with your attacks. It will also help to clear out all nearby enemies before attracting the undead's attention.

The next section is equally dangerous with Hollows hiding behind breakable doors and along the main path. There's also an Evangelist on an overpass, so it would be wise to move up slowly so as not to draw them all to you at once. The Evangelist's walkway features a Titanite Shard so be sure to pick that up. There is also a Whip inside one of the ambush rooms. Past the Evangelist is a hammer-wielding Hollow, who you can skip if you stick to the rooftops. While sticking to the rooftops, look for a walkway. There you'll find some Rusted Coins. There is also a Crystal Lizard nearby who will give you a Sharp Gem if you manage to kill it. Progress further until you come across a lone arch and a saw-wielding Hollow Manservant. Turn around and look for a descending path. This will lead to the next bonfire, Dilapidated Bridge.

Dilapidated Bridge bonfire

When confronting the Hollow Manservant, wait for it to execute one of its combos, leaving it wide open. Its running slice attack can be avoided with swift backpedalling.

Head through the lone arch and run past the embedded spears and the gravestones and into the house at the end. You will want to run because a giant from a nearby tower is throwing spears at you.

If you're agile enough, you can take a chance picking up items along this path and the adjacent graveyard. You can get an Ember, Worker Garb, a Reinforced Club, two Pale Tree Branches, Cleric's Garb, a Blue Wooden Shield and Mortician's Ashes. The ashes are especially useful in expanding the inventory of the Shrine Handmaid.

Right of the path is a small rock island which requires a careful jump. It's worth the time and effort because you can get an Undead Bone Shard. If the incoming spears are proving difficult to avoid, come back to this area later as there's an opportunity to making the attacks stop.

When you're finished exploring the area within the firing range of the spears, go up the house and deal with the Peasant Hollow and the red-eyed assassin. On the second floor, jump across the ruined gap to find a Great Scythe. From there, take the path on the second floor toward the adjacent temple.

Make a left to confront the next boss, the Curse-Rotted Greatwood. Make a right to open the double doors, which will make entering the temple possible when taking the Wood Bridge Path.


If you decided to take the wood bridge path earlier, anticipate a few Peasant Hollows and Hollow Slaves as you pass through the stables at the other end of the bridge.

You'll also find a couple more Hollow Slaves along the outer edge of the stables, as well as a route up to the rooftops. When you reach the Hollow Manservant, look for a corpse hanging out over the village far below. If you knock it down, you can get the Flame Stoneplate Ring. You can also get a Plank Shield behind one of the houses.

This Hollow Manservant has a special tie to a potential shrine NPC. Sneak up behind him and interact with the cage behind him. This will transport you to the Rotten Greatwood, which will bring you to Holy Knight Hodrick. Note that you must do this before killing the Greatwood.

When you've reached the other side of the stables, grab the Caduceus Round Shield outside the door. Stop at the stone bridge. Notice the path on the cliffside below on your right. Jump down to that path and go past the stone arch. You will find another bonfire.

Cliff Underside bonfire

Leaving the other end of the bonfire room will lead you up to the rooftops, which allows you to clear out the Peasant Hollows with flaming ranged attacks.

This will also lead to another helpful NPC, Cornyx, the Pyromancer. Talk to him and he'll teleport to the Firelink Shrine. Grab the Hand Axe near Cornyx while you're up there. Make your way down to the bottom of the building, which includes more Peasant Hollows and a Hollow Manservant. This will put you at the other side of the stone bridge, only now there's less resistance given that you've taken out the Hollows with the ranged attacks. Look for a Fire Clutch Ring at a wooden dock behind the building.

Past this bonfire is the last section of the village and a long staircase. At the bottom of the staircase, you can make a left to the temple ahead and the Curse-Rotted Greatwood boss fight or you can make a right to the lower section of the settlement.

If you go to the lower section of the settlement, prepare to deal with a couple Starved Hounds, an Evangelist and a few Peasant Hollows. Note the entrance underneath the stairs on your right. This leads to a sewer, a number of optional underground pathways and an alternate path to the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire.

While in the sewer, pick up the Caestus. You'll also encounter some Hound-rats and a Large Hound-rat. If you're assertive, you can kill them by rushing them and dealing your combos swiftly or you can block their pounce attacks first before killing them. Killing the Large Hound-rat will yield a Bloodbite Ring.

There's a door in the sewers that's unlockable with the Grave Key. If you gave the Mortician's Ashes to the Shrine Handmaid, you can buy the Grave Key from her. The deeper passage, which is guarded by skeletons, has a Loincloth, Soul of an Unknown Traveler and a Red Hilted Halberd. There is also a Statue of Velka, which grants you absolution if you have sinned, which can happen if you attack and kill friendly NPCs. When you emerge from the other side of the passage, you'll enter a gully. There you'll find a Crystal Lizard that drops a Heavy Gem. There's also a pair of Titanite Shards on nearby corpses and a Blessed Red and White Shield +1 you can get from a hanging corpse.

Past the gully is another sewer passage. After dealing with a few more Hound-rats, grab the Saint's Talisman. On your way out, you should come across a woman in a cell, Irina of Carim. Talk to her twice and she'll teleport to the shrine, where she'll be able to teach you miracles. When you exit the passage, talk to Irina's guard, Eygon, Knight of Carim.

This path presents a tower to your left and the lower section of the settlement on your right. The right is populated with Peasant Hollows, Hollow Manservants and a couple Starved Hounds. You'll also find an extra Soul, and some Alluring Skulls.

After clearing the village, head for the tower. The trick to the elevator puzzle is that it's a two-level elevator. Rolling over the switch will allow you to trigger the elevator to move without you having to ride it. Use this method to reach the top of the tower. This will allow you to befriend the spear-throwing giant, assist Siegward of Catarina, also known as the Onion Knight and explore a new town segment of the settlement. Talk to Siegward twice to learn what he's up to. Help him solve the elevator puzzle.

As you ascend the lift, look for a ledge about halfway up. Time your jump so you can safely reach the ledge. Go out of the tower and unto the rooftop where you should find Siegward. Jump off the rooftop and unto the small town.

Take on the Demon patrolling the town and Siegward will come to your aid. This demon's slow attacks makes it vulnerable to quick combos, but you should still make defense a priority. Look out for its axe swipes and its fire breath attack. Defeating the demon will reward you with a Fire Gem and a Large Club. Talking to Siegward after the battle will reward you with a Siegbrau, a Toast gesture, and a Sleep gesture. His future involvement depends on a few choices on your part.

Head to the building nearby and look for the corpses with the gleaming item outside the building. Knock them over with a ranged attack. Grab the Northern Armor and the Pale Tongue from the corpses. Enter the building and take out the Cage Spiders, Evangelists and the Starved Hounds. Head up one floor to find some Red Bug Pellets and Alluring Skulls. Look for a walkway near the skulls. Take out the Starved Hounds and grab the Human Pine Resin from the chest. Take out the two Cage Spiders nearby. Going further in the town stables will lead to Flynn's Ring.

As you reach the back of the town, look for a roof of a gray tower. Jump to it and and fall down the open hole. Navigate your way down the ledges while watching for any fall damage. At the bottom you should find the Lucatiel Mirrah armor set and a Chloranthy Ring in a box.

You should also ride the upper section of the elevator to the top of the tower. This will lead you to Giant Slave, the one throwing the spears. You can either kill it for a Hawk Ring or befriend it by handing him a branch from the white birch. Either way, he will stop throwing the spears.

Taking the elevator down will lead you to the next area, the Road of Sacrifices. One creature is guarding it, a Boreal Outrider Knight. Defeating the knight will reward you with an Irithyll Straight Sword. He is best dealt with using ranged attacks but if you rely on melee, use dodge rolls rather than shields for defense.


Short version: Aim for the eggs, then the pale hand.

Tactics (first phase): Ignore the worshipers and head straight for the center of the Greatwood, targeting its eggs in between its legs. Look out for stomping attacks with its legs and straight downward body slams. When you've taken off about a third of its life, it will transition to the second phase of the battle by body slamming the floor into oblivion.

Tactics (second phase): Continue to hit the Greatwood's eggs until they're completely gone, while also being mindful of its pale arm, which can swipe at you or pluck you off the ground. Use dodge rolls and your shield to defend yourself. It will also continue to attack with body slams, so run or roll away to avoid area of effect damage when it arches up to fall back down. When the eggs are gone, attack the pale arm and hand jutting from its front. The targeting lock-on has a habit of focusing on the center of the Greatwood despite the lack of eggs to hit, but you don't have to lock on to make contact. You're better off disabling the lock-on and manually aiming for the arm.

Defeating the boss will reveal the Pit of Hollows bonfire.

Pit of Hollows bonfire

Near the bonfire that appears, you'll find an altar. Kneel down before it, and you'll receive an item for the Mound-Makers Covenant. Join them if you're into player-versus-player combat, As long as you're online, you can place a sign on the ground and be summoned into battle against another Dark Souls 3 player. Win a fight, and you'll earn a Vertebrae Shackle item, which you can cash in for rewards at this shrine. Dark Souls veterans may remember the Red Soapstone item in previous games. This works a lot like that.

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