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Dark Souls 3: Irithyll of the Boreal Valley walkthrough


Your journey through Lothric doesn't end here. Be sure to check out the rest of Polygon's Dark Souls 3 guide , which offers everything from tips for beginners and returning masochists to detailed walkthroughs of every area — including all of the secret, bonus content.

This town's snow-laden streets are a twisted complement to its pervasive, underlying darkness. Its branching paths will lead you to the game's highest spires — and its deepest dungeons. Expect difficult encounters throughout, and beware of frostbite.


Click the map to make it larger, and be sure to check out all of our Dark Souls 3 maps.

How to get there

To reach Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, pass through the double doors that opened upon the conclusion of the boss fight against High Lord Wolnir.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley bonfire

Cross the long bridge, being mindful of Sulyvahn Beast chasing you. Reaching the other end of the bridge will protect you from the beast or you can choose to fight it. You can take it down with combos while using side rolls to dodge. Backpedals and roll backs are ill-advised due to the beast's reach. Even by staying close to the beast, there will be brief opportunities to heal, provided you stay away from its mouth. When you kill it, pick up the Pontiff's Right Eye.

Central Irithyll bonfire

After lighting the bonfire, grab the three Souls in the area. The first three opponents you'll meet are the Pontiff Knights. They're incredibly lethal with melee attacks, so it's best to lure them to you one at a time. At first glance, their combos can appear impossible to defend against, but if you pay attention and study their patterns, you will be able to spot openings, such as a backhand strike that takes an extra second to execute. They also need extra seconds to cast dark homing spells. If you can take a chance and charge at the Knight when he's trying to pull this off. As you continue up the path, make a right turn and grab the Soul. The main route continues to a circular courtyard, inhabited by two Irithyllian Slaves. You'll find a ton of these undead in this map, many of whom are near invisible from a distance; they only give themselves away by their glowing eyes. They prefer slow stabbing attacks, which makes them easy to flank. They can be surprisingly difficult if you manage to get three or more of them attacking you at the same time. There are also two Souls in the courtyard. After you leave the courtyard, make a left.

Approaching you will be a Burning Stake Witch and his entourage of Irithyllian Slaves. Don't let its imposing visage intimidate you; it is actually most vulnerable up close. It specializes in ranged fire attacks, which are lethal due to the flames ability to track you. This section of the path has a Large Titanite Shard on the left. You can also eliminate the other Witch on the overlook on the right. There's a Large Titanite Shard to the left of the Witch. As the main path steers you right, look as the slightly elevated platform on your left. Kill the Crystal Lizard on the platform for a Twinkling Titanite. Get back on the main path for a fight against another Burning Stake Witch and two Pontiff Knights. Instead of passing under the arch along the path, make a left, grab the Soul on the left, go up the small steps, into the small church and toward the next bonfire. Grab the Proof of a Concord Kept at the back of the church.

There is also a path to the right before entering the church. Here you can find another Burning Stake Witch and two Souls of a Weary Warrior, a Lightning Gem, a Large Titanite Shard and a Magic Clutch Ring.

Church of Yorshka bonfire

From the bonfire, make a left. Right before you reach the graveyard, make a right while still in the church. Grab the Roster of Knights.

While exploring the graveyard, keep an eye out for several Irithyllian Slaves. There are three Homeward Bones, two Souls and an Undead Bone Shard. While facing the church entrance, make a right through the alley and down another set of stairs.

If you make a left, you'll reach a dead end with a couple Irithyllian Beast-hounds, eight Kukri blades and a Rusted Gold Coin.

Going right from the steps will take you into the very large, very dark storage room. It is densely populated with Irithyllian Slaves. There are two Blue Bug Pellets on the bottom floor. Find the ladder on the right to reach the beams above. There you'll find a Shivering Stone and Yorshka's Spear. When you're done in this room, head to the opening along at the opposite end. Then head down the stairs on the left and take on the Irithyllian Slaves along the way.

Walk into the water and grab the Green Blossom at the bottom of the steps. Go right to get some experience against the Sewer Centipede. They're not as threatening as they look. The way they raise their bodies to attack can be creepy, but it's easily blockable. They can be easily killed after such a move. Grab the Ring of Sacrifice while you're here.

Head to the shallow lake, passing under the bridge in the process. Move along the left side of the shallow lake, while being mindful of the Sulyvahn Beast behind you, assuming you didn't kill it earlier. If you killed it, you'll have the luxury to explore the lake. There are three Souls here as well as a Great Heal in the alcove to the right.

Distant Manor bonfire

To get a head start on a later area known as the Irithyll Dungeons, go through the passage at the far end of the lake. This will lead you to a bonfire called Distant Manor. Lighting the bonfire now will make it a convenient fast travel point after defeating the two bosses in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

To continue along the critical path, go through the low arch at the left side of the lake and into an area that looks like a sewer. There are several Sewer Centipedes here, so move cautiously. There are two Souls here plus some Excrement-covered Ashes. After you're done exploring this area, look for the stairs at the end of this sewer. Go forward and then up the stairs on the left.

Pass through the kitchen, the prep room and the large ballroom. There are three Silver Knights, one on the ballroom floor and two above on the mezzanine. The ground floor knight behaves similarly to the prior knights you've encountered. The challenge is being able to take the fight to a part of the map away from the views of the sniping knights on the mezzanine. You can lure the knight as far away as the kitchen you passed through. After you've taken care of all the knights, explore the mezzanine for three items: a Divine Blessing, Smough's Great Hammer, and the Leo Ring. The exit is behind the large painting of the woman.

Make a left and head up the multiple sets of stairs. These next few areas are staffed with several Irithyllian Slaves and Irithyllian Beast-hounds. There are a Soul and a Large Titanite Shard along this outdoor path.

You can also activate the elevator in the middle of this route; it will take you up to the part of the map populated by the Pontiff Knights and the Burning Stake Witch, creating a shortcut to the Church of Yorshka bonfire. After creating the shortcut, head back down and continue going up the route marked with a couple more Irithyllian Slaves.

Go into the two-level room and go up the stairs, taking out all the Irithyllian Slaves in your path. You can grab a Soul and the Large Titanite Shard in this area.

When you exit at the top of the room veer right and go up the stairs. There's also another Soul to the left of the stairs. You will have to contend with two more Pontiff Knights along the way. The cathedral entrance on the right will lead you to the next boss. Before doing so, make a left and drop down to the altar. Grab the Ring of the Sun's First Born.

Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight

Short version: Rely on the classic Dark Souls sidestep.

Tactics (first phase): You don't have to worry about any surprises from this boss. It performs similarly as Iudex Gundyr and the Abyss Watchers, just with two swords. A fortified block with a good shield or a greatsword will absorb a lot of damage. While defending, try to sidestep and flank it with the lock-on enabled. Its stabs will leave it wide open.

Tactics (second phase): It will begin its second phase by kneeling. You can squeeze in a couple attacks during this brief pause though be prepared for a shockwave. Shortly thereafter, the Pontiff will point its purple sword upward, summoning a phantom of itself. Try to ignore the phantom the best you can. If you focus on the Pontiff, the phantom will stay close, leaving it susceptible to your attacks. Killing the phantom's shouldn't take much time, leaving the Pontiff to its now-familiar patterns from the first phase.

Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire

Use the exit at the back of the cathedral. Take out the two Crystal Lizards at the overlook and grab the Twinkling Titanite that they both drop. Right of the exit is a Large Titanite Shard. Left of the exit is the critical path. Note the narrow courtyard on your right. Going through the courtyard is dicey because you will not only have to face two Unkindled and two Giant Slaves but also Deacons shooting fireballs on the overlooking path.

Instead, walk across the courtyard and into the adjacent dark area. If you go right in the dark area, take out the Irithyllian Slaves and grab the Dark Stoneplate Ring. Going left will take you up the stairs leading to the overlook and a half dozen Deacons.

When you get to this upper level, don't approach the Deacons just yet. Instead, make a hard right, leading you to the upper level of the cathedral. Here you'll find another Crystal Lizard, who'll drop a Simple Gem and a Mimic that will drop a Golden Ritual Spear. There is a switch that will lower you to the lower level. Exit from where you came from (toward the Deacons), make a right and grab the Large Titanite Shard. Now you can head for the Deacons.

Take out the Deacons as you move up along the overlook. When you get to the opposite end, prepare to take on one of the aforementioned Unkindled. This dual-wielder tends to rely on stabbing attacks, making it vulnerable to side steps.

After defeating the Unkindled, you can take on the other Unkindled at the courtyard below, especially now that you've taken out the Deacons. This one is also a dual-wielder (with maces) with a propensity for buffing. He's as easy to flank as any other Unkindled but it is especially vulnerable in the couple seconds he spends buffing. After defeating it, grab the Ember nearby.

Then focus your attention on the two Giant Slaves. They're very easy to flank due to their slow movements so take your time sidestepping as they try to adjust to your position. Grab the Ember near one of the Giants. There's also a Soul near the middle of the courtyard.

Enter the small tower nearby. The first floor has two paths, one with ascending stairs and another with a descending ladder. Reveal the ladder by hitting the illusionary wall on the left. Taking the ladder down will pit you against two Sulyvahn's Beasts. Defeating them should not be difficult, especially since this area is incredibly spacious. They're worth the effort because defeating them will reward you with the Ring of Favor, one of the more notable rings since it grants increased HP, stamina and improved equipment load. Also note the corpse of Archdeacon McDonnell at one of the corners of the room. Approaching the corpse will present the option of joining the archdeacon's covenant.

When you're ready to get back on the main path, go up the stairs in the small tower. Go up one of the two ascending buttresses, being mindful of the various Silver Knights firing steel arrows at you. Taking the buttress on the right will lead you to a Souls pick up. There is also a batch of Easterner's Ashes on the platform on the right after going up either buttress. Makes left to continue on the critical path, while taking on two more Silver Knights. Head down the short buttress. To the left is another Soul and a path that creates a shortcut to the overlook with the Deacons. To your right is an entrance into what looks like a small chapel. Go through the entrance. This will lead you to a circular room with an exit on the left leading to a spiral staircase.


This circular room also has a secret passage. When you enter the room, face the tall statue on the right. Hit it to reveal the passage. Grab the Brass Armor set halfway down the hall. At the very end of this very empty room is a corpse in front of an altar. Grab the item on top of the corpse, which is Anri's Straight Sword, one of the better blades you can pick up that isn't a greatsword. Go to the right of the altar and enter the narrow gap to find a chest. Open it to obtain the Reversal Ring.

Head to the spiral staircase to resume your journey along the critical path. Grab the Ember along the way. At the top of the stairs is a rotating switch. Activate it once to raise the spiral stairs. This will lead you to the Anor Londo bonfire.

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