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What's it like to play Dark Souls 3 with the Steam Controller?

Not sure if you want to use it? Valve might make you reconsider

In anticipation of Dark Souls 3's stateside launch today, Valve released a video showing off the game in action. But the clip above is more than just gameplay: It's a tutorial to using the Steam Controller's official configuration with the newest Dark Souls game.

In under two minutes, watch how the peripheral's various buttons, triggers and trackpads are used for Dark Souls 3. A picture-in-picture view of the peripheral as certain actions are performed offers a more direct overview of how the game's controls differ when using Valve's configuration.

The Steam Controller is meant to be customized, however, so those who don't want to use the grip buttons or right trackpad as Valve intended can mix it up. A bundle containing both Dark Souls 3 on Windows PC and the Steam Controller is currently available at an 18 percent discount. Those who like how the action title is played with Valve's dedicated gamepad can pick up the set from the Steam Marketplace for $89.98.

To find out if Dark Souls 3 is worth playing, check out our review of the game. If you've already picked up FromSoftware's latest adventure, read our beginner's guide before delving in.

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