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Chris Evans on why he was scared of taking Captain America role

The actor gets personal

Chris Evans and the rest of his Captain America squad joined Jimmy Kimmel last night to debut a new clip from Civil War and talk about the film as the kickoff to the late night host's superhero week.

Evans was joined by Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) — otherwise known as "Team Cap" — and talked about fears they had coming into the franchise. Evans told Kimmel that while he loved being an actor, there were elements of the industry that made him incredibly anxious, like the press events and social obligations. He added that if he's locked into one film, he can take time after to recuperate and figure out what he wants to do next, but with Captain America he was in it for nine feature films.

The actor said that he eventually said yes because the offer kept coming back, and he took Disney and Marvel's pursuit of him for the role as a positive sign.

"I talked to a few people in my life, family and friends and it started to make sense," Evans said. "I was saying no out of fear, really. So it clicked for me that whatever you're scared of, push yourself into it."

At this point, Evans has played the boy-scout Avenger five times — three different Captain America movies and two Avengers films — but the actor has said in the past that while he would like the character to keep going, he's also interested in directing a Marvel film.

While Evans gave the most in-depth interview, the other cast members did give their takes on what it was like to be involved in Marvel films. Rudd, who will play the newest addition to Captain America's team, said that he enjoyed being in a film that his kids could actually watch, as opposed to his raunchier comedies. He, Mackie and Evans all agreed that while they recognized fans of Marvel movies included adults, they considered the films kids titles through and through.

The cast also used their time to debut a "new clip" from the film, but for those that watched the MTV Movie Awards, or read this article yesterday, it's the exact same piece of video. They did show off a new scene where Ant-Man meets Captain America for the first time and fans out. That can be seen below.

During tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode, Benedict Cumberbatch will join the comedian to talk about his upcoming Marvel film, Doctor Strange, and debut the first trailer. Tomorrow, Kimmel will be joined by Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of "Team Iron-Man," followed by Chris Hemsworth on Thursday.

Captain America: Civil War will be released May 6.

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