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Indie hit Enter the Gungeon sells 200,000 copies in first week

The roguelike's got a fanbase

Enter the Gungeon, a hybrid bullet hell dungeon crawler, has moved more than 200,000 copies on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, according to its developer Dodge Roll. That's an impressive debut for the indie game, having launched just one week ago today.

Since its April 5 debut, Enter the Gungeon has found popularity with fans of intense action games, throwback-style roguelikes, and co-op gameplay. The game stars a group of four adventurers who patrol through the eponymous Gungeon, taking down enemies across its multiple floors. The layout on each level is procedurally generated, offering some variation across playthroughs.

Although it hasn't quite hit the heights of recent Steam blockbuster Stardew Valley, which moved nearly 500,000 units in its first two weeks, SteamSpy currently ranks Enter the Gungeon as its top trending game. New content is on the way for the bullet hell hit on both PS4 and PC, according to its developer.

To see the game in action, check out our preview below from back in April 2015.

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