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Betty & Veronica getting redesign and reboot

Third change coming to Archie Comics

Betty & Veronica, one of the longest running series out of Archie Comics, is going to get a reboot this summer according to Vulture.

The new series, which is being written and illustrated by Adam Hughes, will debut in July with a completely new look from what longtime readers are used to. Originally, the Betty & Veronica relaunch was going to be done through a Kickstarter campaign, but that was eventually cancelled.

In the first issue, Betty and Veronica will go head-to-head over a big issue that's affecting all of Riverdale. Pop's Chocklit Shoppe is about to be bought by a major coffeehouse chain (any guesses as to which one), leading to a major divide between Betty and Veronica. Based on the characters' personalities, we can already assume that Veronica is all for the new shop and its high-priced, gourmet lattes, while Betty will argue in defense of Pop's store.

Hughes told Vulture that he thought it was important to make sure Betty & Veronica still had a place in the world of Archie Comics, where the two characters could exist with the boys in the background. He added that he wanted the new comic to feel modern but also timeless, so people could read it again in ten years and still feel like they had picked up a Betty & Veronica comic.

Vulture has an exclusive first look at the what the cover will look like — and in turn, what the characters will look like. This is the third series from the comics publisher to get a stylized reboot, following Archie and Jughead.

Betty & Veronica will relaunch on July 20.

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