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Studio acknowledges big problems in Quantum Break on PC, says fixes are on the way

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The studio behind Quantum Break has acknowledged several serious issues players have reported in its PC edition since the game's launch on April 5 and said it's "working diligently with Microsoft Studios" to resolve them.

Chief among the problems for Quantum Break on Windows PC is frame-rate stuttering, which Remedy Entertainment attributes to "a major rounding error introduced into our refresh rate predictions on shipping." Remedy said a solution already is in development and will be part of a title update "launching in the near future."

Developers also are working toward improving the game's overall performance. Remedy noted that after long play sessions the game can slow considerably. This slowdown is caused by fragmented video memory, which moves an important game asset into the system memory. "This problem is very rare," Remedy said; for now, the studio advises exiting and restarting the game to resolve the issue.

A crashing-at-launch problem that had been reported also has been reproduced internally and Remedy is working up a solution for that, too.

Remedy said it isn't just working on bug or crash complaints, either. PC users have noted the lack of an option to quit Quantum Break from its main menu; a button for doing so will be added later. Users who have asked for more image quality options, such as adjusting the film grain effect, will also see them in a title update.

A full list of problems and more detailed descriptions may be seen in this forum thread.

Those who preordered Quantum Break on Xbox One are entitled to a free copy for Windows 10. Incidentally, Remedy said yesterday that the first batch of codes for those users are going out now.

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