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Spider-Man reboot gets official title, additional details

Tell the world he's coming home

During its panel at CinemaCon on Tuesday, Sony used part of its time on stage to announce the title for the upcoming stand-alone Spider-Man film.

Spider-Man: Homecomingwhich stars Tom Holland as the titular web-slinger, has a couple of different meanings. It not only marks Spider-Man's return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (this is the first Spider-Man movie being made by both studios), but it's also a nod to the high school setting that will take place in the film.

Although previous Spider-Man movies have taken place with Peter Parker in high school — if only for a brief period of time — Sony executives have said they want this new Spider-Man to feel young and let him explore teenage problems outside of being a costumed hero tasked with saving Manhattan time and time again.

Spider-Man Homecoming logo Sony Pictures

At the panel, Holland said that in Homecoming, Parker is trying to find his own identity and figure out what he's actually supposed to do and who he's supposed to be in the world, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In a clip that the studio premiered for people in attendance at the panel, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark is seen visiting Parker and Aunt May (played by Marisa Tomei). Although there's no details about what happens in the clip, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently confirmed that members of the Avengers would be seen in the Spider-Man reboot. Feige said he wanted the character to feel as integrated into the universe as the other ones, and having characters like Iron Man show up was the perfect way to do it.

In Marvel's upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which marks Spider-Man's first appearance in the MCU, Parker and Iron Man team up to take on Steve Rogers and his team of anti-registration fighters. It would make sense that one of the characters that would visit Parker post Civil War would be Iron Man, considering that it seems that Stark recruited the teen hero in the first place.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by Jon Watts, won't hit theaters until July 7, 2017, but those that can't wait can catch the superhero in Civil War on May 6.

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