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You may never look at the Super Mario series the same way again

The series' secrets revealed

Even the most diehard of Mario fans might never have questioned what's underneath the Piantas' skirts in Super Mario Sunshine, but thanks to a fansite dedicated to the series, now you can find out. That's one of several secrets and oddities catalogued on Supper Mario Broth, a self-proclaimed Super Mario "variety blog" filled with screenshots, artwork and .GIFs from the series.

These aren't just standard images from the Mario games, however. Supper Mario Broth's collection reveals hidden animations in classics like Super Mario Bros. 3:

It also explains how certain things really work in-game, like this Super Mario Galaxy fun fact:

Best of all, Supper Mario Broth houses things stateside Mario fans hadn't realized they were missing. This piece comes from the Japanese version of Mario Party:

And this illustration is from a Japan-only Yoshi's Island manga, showing off a new side of Baby Mario.

The Tumblr updates on a regular basis, with an archive dating all the way back to March 2012. That's over four years of Super Mario discoveries and nostalgia to catch up on.

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