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Trademark filing suggests 'Amazing Katamari Damacy' is the series' next game

Please don't be a mobile port, please don't be a mobile port...

Bandai Namco has registered a new trademark in the Katamari Damacy series, this time for Amazing Katamari Damacy. Members of NeoGAF first spotted the listing on the European Union Intellectual Property Office's database, which offers few details past the game's name.

Before filing for the trademark on April 11, Bandai Namco's European division picked up Amazing Katamari Damacy's domain nameThat website doesn't currently redirect anywhere, however.

A similar series of events led to the reveal of Tap My Katamari last December. Bandai Namco filed for that name in November before unveiling the mobile release at Jump Festa the following month. The first entry in the series since PlayStation Portable's Touch My Katamari, the iOS and Android game has yet to see release stateside. The endless clicker game is currently available in European markets as a free download, however.

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