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Capcom says it will address Street Fighter 5's rage-quitting issues in April

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An update is coming to Street Fighter 5 this month that will address the rage-quitting issues that plague the fighting game's online mode, Capcom said in a tweet today.

Exactly how and when Capcom plans to roll out its anti-quitting measures weren't specified, though the company promised more details "soon."

Capcom started cracking down on quitters last month, punishing repeat offenders for leaving matches early and denying their opponents' victories. Capcom's methods for going after rage-quitters and stripping them of League Points were inefficient, however, and required players to send videos to the company for review. At the time, Capcom said it was "only targeting the worst offenders in our system."

Street Fighter 5's most recent update was released at the end of March. The patch added a handful of new modes to the game and downloadable fighter Alex. Capcom still has another update in the works, including one that will add a new currency to the game called Zenny.