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A clever Hearthstone rule change produces some fun new decks

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Every week in Hearthstone, the Tavern Brawl mode provides a unique twist on the regular card gameplay. But sometimes the best Tavern Brawls are ones that simply implement small changes to deckbuilding.

Case in point: this week's excellent Tavern Brawl, titled the Great Stone of Challenge. It's based off the popular fan-run Challengestone tournament, and implements the rules from the first Challengestone. That means all spells in a deck must have an even mana cost, and all minions must have an odd attack value. Essentially you're cutting out around half of the possible options, providing a real challenge in building a good deck as well as preparing players for the upcoming introduction of standard format.

We had a blast with this Tavern Brawl. Watch our game for yourself in the video above, and check out more Hearthstone videos on our full YouTube playlist.