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Watch Iron Man take on the Winter Soldier in new Civil War clip

Plus, Spider-Man

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel continued his week of dedicated superhero shows last night and welcomed members of team Iron Man from Marvel's upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Paul Bettany and Emily Van Camp sat down with Kimmel to talk about filming the new movie and the introduction of Spider-Man to the team. Before that got underway, however, Kimmel took the opportunity to debut a brand new clip from the film. In the video, Iron Man comes face-to-face with the Winter Solider (played by Sebastian Stan), but is quickly tossed aside as they begin to fight.

Luckily for the red and gold mechanical fighter, Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) and Sharon Carter (Van Camp) are there to back him up. Much like the previous Captain America clip that was shown on Kimmel earlier this week, the scene focuses heavily on the fight between Iron Man's team and their former friends-turned-opponents.

After debuting the clip, Downey Jr. talking to Kimmel about what it was like reuniting with the cast of the Avengers and gave his opinion on Spider-Man entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked by the comedian what he thought of Aunt May getting younger — Peter Parker's aunt will be played by Marisa Tomei in the stand-alone Spider-Man movie next year — the actor brushed it off and said that he thought it was cool the teen superhero would have a "hot aunt" for once.

It was confirmed at CinemaCon this week that Iron Man would appear in the stand-alone Spider-Man movie, and those in attendance were shown a brief clip where he showed up to Parker's house to talk to him about joining the Avengers. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said before that it was integral to the making of the Spider-Man movie that they brought in other heroes to make the character seem as integrated into the universe as possible.

Spider-Man: Homecoming won't hit theaters until next year, but fans can get their first glimpse of the character in Captain America: Civil War on May 6.

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