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Castlevania developer MercurySteam reveals new game Raiders of the Broken Planet

Lords of Shadow team calls it an online, multiplayer, asymmetric adventure

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The next game from the developer behind the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series is working on a new title: Raiders of the Broken Planet. The Spanish studio calls its new game an "online multiplayer asymmetric adventure."

Raiders of the Broken Planet blends "shooting, brawling and thinking man's strategy," developer MercurySteam said in a release, and promises "immersive, cinematic story coupled with intense and epic action."

Here's the game's narrative setup, from MercurySteam.

In the Lira Constellation, light years from Earth lies a Broken Planet. Long ago, its inhabitants discovered a powerful ability enhancing substance called Aleph. Today, this Broken Planet is home to the entire Universe's intergalactic scum and criminal lowlife. All are here to wrest control of the Aleph and thereby control the Universe.

David Cox, who served as producer on the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games while at Konami, said he's working with MercurySteam on its new project. The developer plans to self-publish Raiders of the Broken Planet.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is coming to PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One later this year, according to a release. The developer is currently accepting beta test applications for the PC version.

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