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First promo for Mr. Robot's second season promises more anarchy

"The future has never been less certain."

USA Network has released the first promo clip for Mr. Robot's sophomore season and it promises more technology-based anarchy.

The clip doesn't showcase any new footage from the upcoming season, but it does feature Elliot (Rami Malek) in a variety of places around New York City (including the subway, his apartment and Times Square) while talking about the state of the country. Like the first season, he's grown frustrated with the financial inequality facing the nation and the rotten, evil people that run the majority of corporations.

In the first season, Elliot, a computer security specialist, spent most of his time trying to figure out who the illusive Mr. Robot was and working with a secret hacking group, fsociety, to take down the conglomerate Evil Corp. This season, the character will have to deal with certain realizations that he stumbles upon while on the run from the American government.

Malek has previously said that this will be an incredibly dark season for him, as Elliot is faced with even more inner turmoil than what he was served last season.

The second season of Mr. Robot will premiere this summer.