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Japan's 'most handsome' Pokémon is a questionable choice

We definitely can't endorse this list

Five hundred Japanese Pokémon fans recently took a survey on who they considered to be the most handsome monster out of all 722. The results, posted by Otakomu (and translated by Anime News Network), find a certain legendary in the number one spot.

Mewtwo emerged as the respondent's top choice. That's a ... curious selection, considering the Psychic-type's Pokédex entry claims that "it was created by a scientist after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments."

Perhaps the pool of respondents, which was 50 percent men, 50 percent women and between the ages of 20 and 30, found Mewtwo's "horrific" backstory alluring. Several other legendaries with decidedly unique looks join Mewtwo on the list, including Darkrai (#9), Rayquaza (#16) and Zoroark (#20).

More conventionally attractive Pokémon also rank highly: Charizard made the top five, with the classy Ninetales and hunky Machamp not far behind.

Here's the full list of the top 20 Pokémon most blessed in the looks department:

  1. Mewtwo
  2. Lugia
  3. Charizard
  4. Lucario
  5. Suicune
  6. Scyther
  7. Ninetails
  8. Arcanine
  9. Darkrai
  10. Machamp
  11. Scizor
  12. Garchomp
  13. Gyarados
  14. Absol
  15. Houndoom
  16. Rayquaza
  17. Groudon
  18. Latios
  19. Fearow
  20. Zoroark

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