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There's now a Pokemon lingerie collection, so everyone can get a Pikachu

Metapod used Harden!

Pokémon trainers should start counting down to April 20, when Japanese brand Yummy Mart will release a special line of lingerie inspired by the series.

Pieces included in the collection are suited to all sorts of tastes and occasions. It helps if you have a fondness for Pikachu, whose face adorns many of the items Yummy Mart will have on sale.

pokemon lingerie

Seen above, items include a set of pajamas sporting Pikachu's Pokédex number on the front and name on the back, with Pokéball shorts as a bonus. Light sleepers can indulge in the Pikachu sleep mask — note the electric mouse's intimidating smolder. There's a Pikachu-themed bikini that has just a touch of lace, and how or why you'd wear the Pikachu hooded towel is entirely up to you. (Least exciting is the Pokéball laundry pouch, but those who like to keep their delicates in mint condition will recognize its usefulness.)

As good as these all look, it's disappointing that the plush set advertised below won't be up for purchase.

pokemon lingerie

The pieces go on sale at 10 a.m. local time next Wednesday. They're Japan-only for now, so dedicated fans of Pokémon and frilly things should plan accordingly.

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