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Ubisoft vows to punish players who exploit The Division's new raid

'Falcon Lost' glitch bypasses the boss to deliver lots of loot

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Those who have availed themselves of a glitch to repeatedly plunder Tom Clancy's The Division face unspecified punishment, a community manager wrote on the game's official forum.

"Falcon Lost," which is a raid-style "incursion" introduced to the game with The Division's April update a week ago, contains an exploit where players can clip through a wall, bypass the raid's boss encounter, and gobble up loot. Repeatedly.

These players are thus way, way ahead of others who are playing The Division honestly. "Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct," wrote a community manager. "The team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited."

That may not be so simple. Figuring out who the real cheaters are might take more than simply inspecting their inventory. Complaints in the Ubisoft forum have alleged that some felt forced to use the exploit in order to keep up against overpowered rivals in the player-versus-player Dark Zone.

Some have said they were booted from groups because they refused to use the cheat, leading them to do so. Of course, this could also be straight-up cheaters trying to rationalize their actions. Still others simply confessed to being tempted by the loot's easy availability.

If exploiters and non-exploiters have anything in common, it's criticizing Ubisoft for letting the raid go through with such a game-breaking exploit, and not removing or shutting it down as soon as it became known, rather than leaving the mission out there while a solution is created, passes certification, and patched into the game.

The April update, which launched April 12, fixed an issue with crafting a high-end item, which had resulted in users being locked out of their accounts or trapped in endless loading screens.

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