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BioShock creator Ken Levine working on interactive Twilight Zone movie

Still working hard on his game with Take-Two

Ken Levine, creator of Irrational Games' Bioshock series, has announced that his next project will be an interactive film based on the 1959 television series, Twilight Zoneaccording to Wired.

Levine told Wired that he's onboard to direct and write the feature, which will use gameplay elements to make the film as interactive as possible. Viewers will be able to choose what the characters in the film do, altering the experience for everyone who watches, with each story leading to a twist at the end.

"Interactivity is a spectrum, it's not binary," Levine told Wired. He added that he viewed interactivity as the way the viewer sat in their chair. Levine noted it was interesting that people leaned back in their seats while watching a movie, but forward while playing a game.

In order to get the film done, Levine partnered up with the media company Interlude so he could have access to the proper technology he needed. The company, which has Her Story creator Sam Barlow as creative director and former Xbox Entertainment Studios head Nancy Tellem as chief media officer, has worked on various interactive projects in the past. Barlow has also said he and Interlude would be working on an interactive adaptation of WarGames, the 1983 film starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy.

Levine did specify that while he was excited about the opportunity he was given by Interlude, he was still very much involved with Take-Two Interactive (the publisher behind BioShock) and the majority of his focus would be spent on the current game they were making. He confirmed that the Twilight Zone interactive film would definitely be a side project.

"Most people spend time with their kids or go on vacation," he said. "I do stuff like this."

Levine's last game, BioShock Infinite, was released in 2013.

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