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Star Fox gets animated in a series first, streaming live this Wednesday

Directed by Miyamoto with some help from an anime great

Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins, the series' first-ever animated short, will stream live this Wednesday, April 20, at 3 p.m. PT, Nintendo announced.

The animation premieres ahead of the launch of Star Fox Zero, out this Friday on Wii U. Director Shigeru Miyamoto collaborated with WIT Studio and Production I.G. (Attack on Titan, Ghost in Shell) on the short, which stars characters from the upcoming game. Check out its teaser trailer above for a preview.

Immediately following the stream will be a live presentation from inside Nintendo's Treehouse localization branch that will focus on Star Fox Zero and companion game Star Fox Guard.

Zero is the first console game in the series since 2005's Star Fox Assault on GameCube. Retail copies of the game will come with Guard, last seen at E3 2014 as Project Guardpacked in; the digital version of Star Fox Guard can also be purchased separately.

We went hands-on with Guard last month, which you can watch below.

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