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Street Fighter 5 screenshots give us a glimpse of Guile, the next DLC character (update)

Capcom took them down so fast that it created a ... well, you get the idea

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Street Fighter 5's second downloadable character will be Guile, and you can see him in action in the screenshots that Capcom posted on its Facebook page today — and reportedly took down shortly afterward.

Gamegeekz reports that Capcom posted 14 screenshots of Guile on its Facebook page today, but quickly took down the images. Matthew Edwards, community manager for fighting games at Capcom U.K., said earlier this month on a livestream that Street Fighter 5's next DLC fighter "should be Guile," although Capcom has yet to make an official announcement.

Guile debuted in 1991's Street Fighter 2, and Capcom announced during PlayStation Experience 2015 that he would be one of six DLC characters for Street Fighter 5. The game's first post-release character, Alex, arrived in the second part of the game's March update. Alex is available to all players for free until Capcom adds the in-game shop with Zenny, Street Fighter 5's real-money currency.

You can see all 14 Guile screenshots below. For more on Street Fighter 5, read our review.

Update: Capcom confirmed in a Capcom-Unity blog post today that Guile will be released in Street Fighter 5's April update, which does not yet have a concrete date. Like Alex, Guile will be available free to everyone until the arrival of the Zenny shop. The update will also mark the debut of the game's first DLC arena: Guile's home stage, the Air Force Base, will be sold for 70,000 Fight Money. Street Fighter 5 season pass owners will receive the stage for free.

Other items in the April update include the previously announced system to punish rage-quitters. Here's how it will work: Players who have "high disconnect rates," said Capcom, will be locked out of matchmaking "for a period of time." Capcom added that it will make "additions and enhancements" to the system in the future. The April update will also bring matchmaking improvements to Street Fighter 5, including looser restrictions on finding an opponent, which should help players outside the U.S. to get in games.