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Steven Universe's best love story will be retold as a kids' book

For Ruby and Sapphire, love is the answer

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Steven Universe is coming to bookstores with an adaptation of one of its best known love stories, series creator Rebecca Sugar revealed on Tumblr. Based on and sharing a name with the episode "The Answer," the children's book will go on sale Sept. 6.

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Sugar wrote the picture book, which recounts the story of how Steven's fellow Crystal Gem Garnet came to be. The character is the product of the relationship between Ruby and Sapphire, who fuse together to immortalize their love. That fusion is Garnet, as young readers of the book will learn over the course of its length.

"The Answer" premiered earlier this year, bringing back fan favorite characters Ruby and Sapphire after their debut in "Jail Break." The latter episode garnered acclaim for its representation of queer relationships — Ruby and Sapphire, like all Crystal Gems in the show, are coded as female. Their open relationship is often cited as a major reason why Steven Universe stands apart as one of television's most inclusive shows.

Cartoon Network renewed Steven Universe last month. It's set to debut more episodes this summer and continue on for at least two more seasons.

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