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Mafia 3 launches its tale of revenge in October

Crime series leaves New York for New Orleans

Mafia 3 launches Oct. 7 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, 2K Games announced today. It's a late-1960s period piece set in a reimagined version of New Orleans, whose protagonist, Lincoln Clay, is hell bent for revenge.

The story begins with Clay's comrades in the city's African-American mob wiped out by Italian mafiosi, and it is on. The action will be driven by Clay's military combat skills, attributed to his tours of duty in Vietnam. Muscle cars, beehive hairdos and classic rock and roll complete the scene.

Players will be tasked with taking down Clay's enemies while building up an empire of their own. Mafia 3 is developed by Hangar 13, 2K Games' newest studio, which started up two years ago.

Mafia 3 will have three editions, the standard release and two special editions that entitle the owner to additional premium downloadable content which hasn't yet been released. The collector's edition option will include several physical items, including the game's soundtrack on vinyl. There's also an in-game pre-order incentive detailed at the end of the trailer above. The game isn't yet rated, but it's a solid bet this will come in at M.

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