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The Division players get free Phoenix Credits this weekend

It's compensation for glitches

All players of Tom Clancy's The Division will receive 150 free Phoenix Credits this weekend, developer Massive Entertainment announced on a livestream today. While everyone playing the open-world shooter will be eligible for the giveaway, the items are meant as compensation for major glitches players have experienced since launch.

Phoenix Credits are an in-game currency allowing agents to purchase a variety of high-end items. The developers didn't specify when the giveaway starts and ends; The Division fans should check Twitter for firm details, according to community manager Hamish Bode.

During The Division's weekly State of the Game stream, viewable above, community developer Yannick Banchereau acknowledged some of the various bugs reported by The Division players. That conversation occurs around the 21-minute mark; glitches cited include disappearing characters and one that affects high-end gear, backpacks in particular, causing players to face endless loading screens. A patch for the latter problem arrived in the most recent update, which also added the game's first Incursion event, "Falcon Lost."

Yet "Falcon Lost" introduced its own issues, like an exploit allowing players to cheat their way to infinite loot. Ubisoft, publisher of the game, warned that players would be punished for making use of this trick — although it hasn't yet said how, nor whether a patch for the bypass was forthcoming.

Today's stream addressed cheating in general. "It's going to be an ongoing fight" to combat cheaters, said Banchereau. He reiterated the existing policy of banning players who have been reported for behavior that goes against the code of conduct. Both Banchereau and Bode emphasized that reporting, while not a perfect solution, is the best bet for clearing out The Division's cheaters.

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