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Take a first look at Pyre, the next RPG from Supergiant Games

The Bastion and Transistor devs sure do have a favorite genre

Supergiant Games, the studio behind indie role-playing games Bastion and Transistor, revealed Pyre as its next project. Watch the trailer above for the first look at the party-based RPG, which the developer plans for a 2017 launch.

Pyre will hit PlayStation 4 and Windows PC simultaneously next year, according to the studio. It didn't specify a release window, but Supergiant Games gave fans a few story details alongside the teaser video. The fantasy game stars a group of exiles in purgatory who compete against other refugees for freedom. Winning a secretive contest absolves wanderers of their crimes and allows them to return home — a goal that drives the team controlled by the player.

The game will make an appearance at PAX East this weekend, and Supergiant Games will continue to update fans about Pyre ahead of next year's launch.

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