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Watch us try — and fail at — the deliciously brutal puzzles of Stephen's Sausage Roll

Those sausages are so hard yet so tasty

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Allegra and Jeff have been talking about Stephen's Sausage Roll nonstop for the past two weeks. They're not alone — the immensely cruel sausage-grilling puzzle game has longtime fans in designers like Jonathan Blow (The Witness) and Bennett Foddy (QWOP) — and yet others remained skeptical as they sang the praises of this odd-looking, odd-sounding game.

In the video above, watch us play some of Stephen's Sausage Roll's brain-busting puzzles to get a sense of what makes this seemingly simple game so vexing. Jeff and Allegra talk up how its game design and sometimes infuriating difficulty is never annoying; the challenge is what keeps them rolling sausage after sausage in search of that perfectly cooked meat.

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