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Dark Souls 3 player sets the perfect trap for an unlucky invader

You tried

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

As any Dark Souls player knows, keen awareness of your surroundings is paramount to surviving the game's notoriously difficult encounters. But sometimes, even the most skilled and careful players will find themselves in an impossible situation. PanicGiraffe's recent invasion in Dark Souls 3, posted in the YouTube video above, is a great example of that.

We won't spoil the outcome, so just watch.

But if you're not a Dark Souls player and need an explanation of what's happening in the video above, which PanicGiraffe posted to Reddit, here's what went down.

PanicGiraffe, the red player, invades another player's game as an enemy phantom. PanicGiraffe's goal is to kill the host and reap the rewards. When PanicGiraffe locates his target, the host player appears to be alone, praying. Probably thinking they've got an easy kill on their hands, PanicGiraffe likely, well, panics as a pair of helpful white phantoms, allies of the host player, emerge from their hiding spots. PanicGiraffe, hoping to put some distance between them and maybe not have to take on all three at once, attempts to run out of the room ... only to find a third helpful phantom, a golden "Sun Bro," blocking the door with a massive Bonewheel Shield. With PanicGiraffe hopelessly trapped, hilarity ensues and the invader is hastily dispatched.

To sum up: "This gank was so well orchestrated, I'm not even mad," PanicGiraffe said.