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These Super Mario Football fan mock-ups are a perfect touchdown

It's the biggest sport Mario's yet to tackle

By day, Mario works as a stomp-happy plumber — but Nintendo fans know that, after hours, he's got a real love for sports. Not only that, but Mario's proven to be pretty good at games as varied as baseball, basketball, tennis and even Olympic gymnastic events. But he's never made a pass at football before — although perhaps he should, based on a new series of fanart.

Reddit user -SyBro posted his own take on a hypothetical Super Mario Football game. His 3D renders include pictures of Mario and Baby Bowser suited up for the field and a handful of Toad referees on deck, among other familiar characters. Each quarterback would come with a special skill, like a flaming pass for Mario and banana-style throw for Diddy Kong.

super mario football

He's even got the gameplay figured out: -SyBro's vision uses the GameCube controller for "a mix between NFL Blitz and the EA Madden Games for Wii," he wrote. "Arcade style, with no more than the basic rules." He even described the various modes, like one that removes first downs to add special items and an option for cooperative play.

The Super Mario Football fan art is so striking that -SyBro felt he had to issue a reminder at the end of his image gallery. "This is [fan art], not an actual game!" he wrote.

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