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Henry Cavill was too busy playing Warcraft to answer a call to play Superman

Priorities, right?

When Zack Snyder first reached out to Henry Cavill to ask if he would play Superman in a movie — this was for 2013's Man of Steel — Cavill was, more or less, too busy with other things to take the call.

"I was playing World of Warcraft, and I had my priorities straight," Cavill deadpanned to Conan O'Brien on his show Thursday evening. See the clip above for the full story but, yes, it sounds like Cavill was too involved in a WoW raid to chat about what is, to date, his most notorious role.

Ben Affleck's reply, about being in Batman v Superman as the former, is so much more Affleck-y and Batman-y, full of conflict and doubt and concern about whether he could be the hero the film needs or the hero it deserves. Also, Affleck is not a shrimpy dude, nor is the 6-foot-4 O'Brien, but neither stack up to Cavill, who looks like a granite outcropping in that gray sportcoat.

The most entertaining aspect of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may be the making of Batman v Superman and not the flick itself, but hey, the movie is doing land-office business despite what critics say, so to all their own.

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