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Metroid Prime: Federation Force heads to 3DS this August

Nintendo's Metroid spinoff gets delayed to summer

Nintendo will release Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the Nintendo 3DS Metroid spinoff that gives players control of a Galactic Federation marine, on Aug. 19, the company announced today. The game was previously expected to launch during a "late spring 2016" window.

Federation Force is a single-player and cooperative game in which up to four players can embark on missions and battle Metroid Prime's Space Pirates. Players can customize their Galactic Federation mech to focus on offense or defense in the fight against Space Pirates. They can also engage in three-on-three action in Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, the competitive multiplayer sci-fi sport that was revealed during last year's Nintendo World Championships at E3.

For a longer look at Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which has been in development in some form since 2009, according to producer Kensuke Tanabe, check out the gameplay video below.

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