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id Software founders John Romero and Adrian Carmack tease new FPS, Star Wars-style

Expect an actual reveal on April 25

Doom and Quake co-creator John Romero will apparently reveal details on his new first-person shooter next week, according to a teaser posted by Romero to YouTube yesterday. Aiding Romero in teasing that shooter is another id Software co-founder, Adrian Carmack.

Romero and Carmack, who left id in 1996 and 2005, respectively, play up "the return" to first-person shooters in a video reminiscent of the final scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Instead of handing Romero a lightsaber, however, Carmack extends an arm holding a keyboard and mouse.

The video ends with a note that we should expect a formal announcement on Monday, April 25. It also points to Night Work Games' website, which says "a new first-person shooter is being built" at the studio, which is located in Galway, Ireland. Night Work Games, the website specifies, "is the dark and violent subsidiary of Romero Games Ltd."

On Twitter, game designer Brenda Romero, who works as an independent developer at Romero Games, writes "John Romero & Adrian Carmack return to FPS," hinting that Carmack's appearance in the video is more than just a cameo.

While John Romero's work hasn't focused on first-person shooters since he left studio Ion Storm, which developed Daikatana, he did revisit the original Doom earlier this year. Romero released a new level for the game in January.

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