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Ubisoft fixes two of The Division's biggest glitches

Thanks, server maintenance

Servers for Tom Clancy's The Division went down for maintenance today and, upon their return, players will find that two major exploits have been fixed. Ubisoft confirmed in a changelog following today's maintenance period that both the "double revive" and "talent-stacking" glitches are no longer in the game.

Since shortly after The Division launched, players have been using the double revive glitch to their advantage. The video below has more details as to how the exploit worked.

As for the talent-stacking glitch, that exploit was a more recent discovery in the third-person multiplayer shooter. As seen below, players were able to switch out weapons repeatedly in order to rack up huge damage bonuses.

Ubisoft cited the latter exploit as the reason for recent server instability. Yet these are just two cheats used by The Division players, and not all of them have been addressed by the company. One uncovered in this month's update allows players to repeatedly pick up loot without first taking down the boss.

Players who use these and other cheats that go against its code of conduct will be "punished," Ubisoft said. It has yet to elaborate on those punitive measures. For now, all players will receive 150 Phoenix Credits this weekend as compensation for recent bugs and other issues affecting the game.

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