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Hearthstone devs play the new expansion, match has a ridiculous finish

Earlier today, Hearthstone designer Ben Brode and commentator Dan Chou streamed a few pick-up matches of the game's upcoming expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. If you've been following news about the expansion, you're aware of just how much Hearthstone is going to change come next Tuesday; everything from the expansion's new cards, nerfed classic cards and Standard format roster was showcased in these matches.

The game posted above — a Priest vs. Rogue match that kicked off the stream — is completely bonkers.

With a lucky Thoughtsteal of his opponent's Yogg-Saron (a new Legendary and one of the titular Old Gods), Chou ended up with two Old Gods in his hand early on in the game. With a well-timed Brann Bronzebeard, Chou was able to activate Yogg-Saron's Battlecry twice, allowing the card to cast 10 random spells at random targets — the last of which returned the card to his hand to deploy again the following turn. Also, both players launch C'Thun (another Old God) at one another, although Chou's opponent's version delivered a game-ending 38 damage in a single turn.

Whispers of the Old Gods launches next Tuesday, April 26. If these matches are any indication, it's going to be wild.