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Persona 5 website teases a May 5 reveal for ... something

Could this finally be the release date we've been waiting for?

The next entry in Atlus' high school-based role-playing series, Persona 5, is still without a solid release date, but a new countdown timer on the game's official website may have some answers. The website is stamped with the phrase "Take your heart," and a timer that's ticking away to May 5, aka 5/05.

Although Persona 5 was originally slated for a 2015 release, the game was pushed into 2016 last September. It's already been announced for release in Japan and North America for PlayStation 3 and PS4. Details about the game, such as its cast of phantom thieves and how it will differ from past games have also begun to emerge. The most notable unknown is Persona 5's release date; the game's most recent trailer promised summer 2016, though it's unclear if that date is Japan-only.

persona 5 teaser

As with previous entries, Persona 5 follows a group of high school students with the ability to summon powerful allies known as Personas. The game's theme is said to revolve around "social reform," as the protagonist and his friends work to regain stolen hearts. For more on the last entry in the main series, Persona 4 Golden, check out our review.

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