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Overwatch's first comic tells the story of bounty hunter McCree

You can read it right now

Blizzard Entertainment published the debut issue of Overwatch's digital comic series yesterday, and fans can now read it online for free. The digital short runs just 10 pages, but it fits in a lot of action scenes starring the vigilante Jesse McCree.

McCree is one of several playable heroes in Overwatch, the upcoming multiplayer team shooter for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. The comic, "Train Hopper," delves into the gunslinger's early days from before the start of Overwatch's story.

Comics is the latest medium that Overwatch is tackling beyond games. A graphic novel, Overwatch: First Strike, will arrive later this year. Blizzard is also releasing a series of videos based on characters from the game. So far, the animated short films have starred gorilla scientist Winston and the assassin Widowmaker.

Overwatch is out May 24, following an open beta. Players who pre-order by April 29 will have early access to that test period from May 3-4. Everyone else can try out the game from May 5-9.