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IKEA VR Experience makes you a sad and lonely ghost

Where are the children? Why do they scream?

In early April, IKEA launched the IKEA VR Experience, and the internet veritably exploded. What gift had IKEA given us? Would we be able to browse the IKEA catalog? Decorate our own virtual homes? Or perhaps, as Griffin masochistically suggests, build IKEA furniture in virtual reality?

The answer is, of course, that you can put meatballs in a pan, or in the recycling.

IKEA VR Experience is as minimalist as IKEA's aesthetics. It's a free app that sets you down in a fully furnished IKEA kitchen. The best part of the app is actually that you can change your height. There's an option to be 6'7", and an option to be your regular height. Best of all, you can make yourself into a 3-foot child and feel like you're in a giant's kitchen.

You can also change the colors of the cabinets, from tan wood, to white, to a dark finish. Other than that, you float alone through the kitchen. Sometimes, in the distance, you hear the raucous laughter of children.

The app is essentially a tech demo. In a press release, IKEA's Jesper Brodin said that apps like this could, "enable customers to try out a variety of home furnishing solutions before buying them."

The demo will end in August, but until then IKEA will keep taking feedback on the app and updating it. In the meantime, watch Griffin scream at me about the proper method for disposing of those sweet, sweet IKEA meatballs in the video above.

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